where I ramble a lot about Ender’s Game and judging people.

Something I’m incredibly excited about:   ohmygoshahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrvewbaeraeoubgrueh. The feelings. The intensity. My one and only concern – that I believe will fade as I grow to accept it – is how old Ender looks. I understand why. There’s not much they could do about that – the demands of the role could not be met … Continue reading »

This one might be a no-go.

Recently I realized something significant. Something that I should have recognized earlier. The other day, I acknowledged the very real possibility that I might not be able to attend graduate school.  ohmygod, I know, right? One of those “adult” moments. One of those adult moments where you, regretfully, have to literally rank your priorities, and … Continue reading »

Book Reviews – April 2012 – Volume Two

The Eye of the World (Book One of The Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan As it says, this is the first book in the fourteen-book-long series, The Wheel of Time. I had somehow heard a lot about the series without really hearing anything of substance. People seem to like it, and it supposedly has …Continue reading »

because they’re almost as good as books.

except…not really. maybe some of them. not most. definitely not most. anyway. movies! who doesn’t love movies? besides Anna Kendrick’s character in Pitch Perfect. also weird people. I mean, no judgment, but movies are great so if you don’t like them, you should feel bad. I’M KIDDING. Anyway. There are several reviews, because I forget … Continue reading »

Todo me parece bonito – INDEED!

I woke up this morning – late, mind you, at 10:30 or so – turned over in our super comfy bed to look at my fantastic husband, who instantly said, groggily, “I love you.” Late last night I finished the fabulous Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and this morning I started … Continue reading »

That time I returned a book to the library…unread.

I know, right? Like, what is this crap? Here’s the thing: I had checked out three books that were religion/spirituality/Catholicism themed, in an effort to do more reading to delve more into my faith. I did this for a couple different reasons. 1. While there is plenty of merit in exploring your faith via your …Continue reading »

Dear old Dumbles.

There’s this… thing… that keeps making its way around the Harry Potter fandom, and it’s driving me completely crazy. Warning, I’m about to go on a rant, because I feel very strongly that this is ridiculous.   Due to the particular Tumblr account from which I found this exact image, I know that in this … Continue reading »

Book Reviews – April 2013 – Volume One

  The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff The biggest impression from this book is that it reminds me of an episode of Supernatural, which I recently started watching. The idea that this small town makes horrific sacrifices to… well, not exactly “supernatural” beings, but like, undead?, in the name of keeping their town from worse harm. … Continue reading »

Gender awards: “High Ranking Boy”

I think I’m a feminist? It’s pathetic that I’m not sure, and sad that I’m afraid to identify as such. There’s a stigma that goes with a feminist identity and there shouldn’t be. I’m just pro-equality. Geez. Nothing wrong with that, folks. At any rate, the internet has helped encourage the feminist position. I follow many sources … Continue reading »


Here’s the deal. Obvs, on the whole, materialism is bad. One’s life is not defined by one’s possessions, broadly speaking. Or at least, it shouldn’t be defined that way. HOWEVER. Having THINGS can certainly enrich your life. and they can bring joy, and that’s not a bad thing in itself. That being said… I WANT … Continue reading »