A virtual coffee date? Don’t mind if I do!

I really liked this post from Eat, Live, Run. It’s a clever way to tie together a bunch of random thoughts that I want to share without it being just that – just a post of random things I want everyone to know.

So, I’m going to borrow her idea. :-)  Though, I think I’m more long-winded than she is!


If we were on a coffee date…

I would tell you that I’ve been thinking about babies a lot lately. Which is super frustrating, because I know I’m not ready yet, and I’m pretty sure Aaron isn’t either, given the bit of panic I saw in his eyes last week when I pointed to a baby and said “I want one!”

One of my coworkers has a little girl who just turned one, and one of my best friends has a little one who is almost 9 months, I think? And they’re just the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. And I see babies out and about. And it’s the holidays, and I just want something little to snuggle with!

What I really need is a puppy. But we’re still kind of holding off on that. We could actually totally afford it right now, even with the outrageous fees our apartment would require, but our apartment is nowhere close to puppy-proof, and it’s not likely to improve anytime soon! Getting a house is certainly on our agenda, though easily several months if not a couple of years away, and it would be nice for our puppy (or puppies!) to have a decent yard to play (and poop…) in.

Plus, you know, babies are like, TERRIFYING. So yeah. We’ll wait a bit longer.


If we were on a coffee date…

I would tell you about how super pumped I am to see my family for the holidays!

I’m definitely at a point where I really feel like an adult, and I like my job, and I like living in Austin with my husband and having a little space away from both sides of the family. But we did see my in-laws for Thanksgiving, and a couple weekends ago for my sister-in-law’s graduation (congrats to that beautiful lady!), so I’m just aching for hugs from my momma and daddy!

In addition I should have a little time to go visit a few of my far-away best friends, time that is MUCH needed.


If we were on a coffee date…

I would probably ask your feelings on the sad events in Newtown.

There’s a decent chance that I would cry during the conversation. No matter that I don’t know anyone involved; no matter that I don’t have a child of my own; no matter that I’m really struggling with my opinions on the topics of gun control and mental health. All I know is that my heart is so, so heavy.

One thing I’m sure of, and that I’m very passionate about, is that anyone who invokes God in this discussion, regardless of how well-intentioned they are, they’re really bad at comforting, and they’re a bit naïve, if not completely stupid. Maybe the victims are in a better place, but that’s not the thing to say right now. And no, this is not God’s will, and no, America is not being punished or judged, and for kicks, let’s just say America is being judged – it’s not because of “the gays” or because of contraception and abortion.

And is everyone aware that something similar happened in China on the same day, only no one died and a knife was used instead of a gun? I really cannot comprehend the world right now.


If we were on a coffee date…

I would tell you that getting a smart phone has sort of taken over my life.

Yes. I joined the world of smart phones, like, what? 5 years after everyone else? I avoided it for so long, worried about how much time I would spend with it, how I would adjust to using a touch screen, wondering if it’s even worth it, and knowing I didn’t want an iPhone, because SOMEONE conditioned me to dislike Apple products.

I actually adjusted to the touch screen better than I thought I would. It’s still irritating how often I click on the wrong thing, or how I tend to keep my nails long, so in order to tap anything I feel like I’m positioning my fingers in a really awkward way. And I get annoyed with how quickly the screen accumulates dirt and fingerprints. I wipe in on my clothing several times a day.

I do spend way too much time on it. I’ve seen my reading time drop dramatically because I’m too busy playing Words with Friends, Draw Something, Jewel Star, or tweeting/FBing from my phone instead of the computer JUST BECAUSE I CAN. Granted, the first two games I play, I play mostly with my friend Abbie who lives far away and this is legit quality time with her. But… it’s still kind of a sad situation.

In the end, though, honestly, I do think people pay too much for smart phones. I only got one because I’m blessed to be close to someone who works in the industry and so I got a discount on my plan/monthly bill. And I chose one of the cheaper phones, because those $200+ phones just seem SO unnecessary.

My favorite part though? I can check the weather before I get out of bed, so I know what to wear without stepping outside or firing up the computer.


If we were on a coffee date…

I would lament how Texas rarely has the cooler weather that I’ve been culturally bred to expect during the holidays. Not only is there no snow, but here we are, a week before Christmas, and it is currently 65 degrees outside and supposed to get up into the 80s this afternoon. ABSURD.


Let’s catch up! What would you want to share with me if we went on a coffee date today?



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